Welcome to my website. This is the place I collect together things about me which hopefully might be interesting or useful.

I was born in Sedbergh UK, where I lived with my parents until the age of 18, when I moved to Warwick University to study for my undergraduate degree. During my time at Warwick I lived in Leamington Spa and Coventry. During my PhD I moved to live with my partner Ellie in Birmingham.

I attended Sedbergh Primary and Secondary School before moving to Kirbie Kendal School for A-levels. Following my school education I completed an undergraduate degree in physics at the University of Warwick UK, before going to to study for a PhD in physics.

I am interested in, technology and like to spend free time working on electronics and programming projects. I also have a keen interest in motor sports and have competed in kart racing at a UK level. I also enjoy photography and am especially interested in HDR and time-lapse, although now use my phone for almost all photos.

I am currently working at Diamond Light Source the UK national synchrotron facility as a software engineer. I program mostly in Java and Python working on the GDA software used for data acquisition and experimental control.